June Special for Jeff, Mari and Aimee!

We would like to entice you into trying out a new time, a new practitioner, or to return to someone you love, but haven’t seen in a while. So, through the month of June, all treatments during shifts belonging to Jeff, Mari, and Aimee are $10 for a follow up treatment and $15 for an initial appointment. Come in and help us fill up our chairs with bliss.

At Grand Avenue:
Monday: 9-1:30 with Jeff, 3-7 with Mari
Wednesday 9-1 with Jeff
Thursday 9-1 with Jeff
Saturday 2-6 with Mari
Sunday 10-2 with Mari

At Laurel Avenue:
Tuesday 9-1 with Mari
Starting June 20th:
Wednesday 12-3 with Aimee
Thursday 12-3 with Aimee

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