Lori on the Benefits of Cycling to OAP Clinics

Do you bike to your shifts at OAP?

Most of the time I do. It’s great. On my morning shifts it really helps me to wake up and clear my head. Living in West Berkeley, I get a 40 minute tour through the neighborhoods of Berkeley and Oakland, and I often take different routes depending on my mood. Also, I know when I will be arriving regardless of traffic.

Do you encounter any hazards on your bike commute?

Mostly it is fun, like an adventure sport. It can be a little dangerous, so I try to stick to bike lanes. I really need to get a brighter headlight so I can see better at night after my evening shifts. I used to live in San Francisco and it seems like there are more street lights there. Also, there are dirty roads, and I hate to get stuff in my eyes. Luckily I have my glasses for that.

If you could change 1 thing about cycling in Oakland, what would it be?

Smelly cars.

How do you stay in shape for cycling?

I am pretty active – rock climbing, hiking, yoga… I actually just started a parkour class. It’s pretty awesome, but intense.

How does acupuncture help you stay active?

Well, I have some low back pain from leaning over and occasional wrist pain if riding a lot. I always get at least my weekly treatment to keep me going.

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