Welcome Alex, Our New Massage Practitioner!


Alexander Friend, CMP, MFA, Reiki Teacher

I am a certified practitioner in Tui Na (Chinese) Massage, with a background in CranioSacral and Reiki therapies, which extends back to 2002, and I have been maintaining a private practice around the Bay Area since 2008. I integrate and adapt these complementary modalities to provide customized treatments that best support each client’s own unique healing process.

Benefits Include:

– Relief from physical pain (migraine/sinus headaches, TMJ, scoliosis, sciatica & most any condition whose symptoms involve neck, back, knee, & any other joint, muscular or fascial constrictions)

– Relief from mental-emotional stress

– Enhanced mental clarity, emotional balance & spiritual growth

– Release of stagnate energy (or “qi”)

– Enhancement/vitalization of existing qi/energy

I am honored to join the team here at Oakland Acupuncture Project and look forward to doing my part in providing high quality, holistic health care for our community!


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