How to Sign Up and Use an Easy Card

What’s an Easy Card? An Easy Card is a pre-paid treatment card. You can buy 5 or 10 treatments ahead of time. This way, when you come in for acupuncture, you don’t have worry about having cash, check, or exact change.


To expedite the creation and use of your Easy Card, please closely follow the instructions on the Easy Card sign up sheet found at the DIY payment station.

To Buy an Easy Card:

1. Sign up on the sheet by writing the date, your last name with your first initial, what kind of card you are buying (5 or 10 treatments) and how much you are paying for your card.

2. Place your payment into a small manila envelope marked, “Easy Card Payment Envelope.” Be sure to include your name on the Payment Slip if you are paying in cash. (Generally, we will include the “day of” treatment you are coming in for, unless you tell us otherwise on the payment slip.)

3. Place the payment envelope in the Easy Card pocket above the drop box in the Treatment Room. Don’t put it in the drop box because payments placed in the drop box will take too much time to be processed.

To Use an Easy Card:

1. Find the Easy Card with your Last Name and First Initial on it in the box of Easy Cards

2. Tuck your card in the Easy Card Pocket above the drop box in the Treatment Room.

3. Relax and take it easy!

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