Cait’s Farewell

Years and years ago, I remember Jeff and I talking with Whitney at our old acu- school, AIMC in Berkeley.  Whitney and Roselle had just opened OAP and Jeff and I were close to finishing our programs; there we stood listening to Whitney talk about community acupuncture and how much fun she and Roselle were having providing lots and lots of high quality/low cost acupuncture to folks in the Diamond Laurel.  After she left, I’ll never forget Jeff and I looking at one another and saying, ”How great would it be to work at a place like THAT when we get out of here!?”

Fast forward to the Fall of 2011 and a phone call from Jeff asking me if I “knew anyone who would want to work at OAP”.  Having just passed my acupuncture boards, I had one clear response, “Sure do, Dude.”   Over the past five-plus years, I have had the honor and privilege, the joy and pleasure of working with and for some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met.  OAP has been such a source of growth, expansion, solidarity, community and love for not only me but many many others.  I had no idea of the true power and reach of acupuncture before I arrived here for I was still fairly new to community acupuncture.

 As my time here grew, I’ve gotten to see our Laurel location continue to thrive, the opening and blossoming of our Grand location and our newest bustling Sacramento location come into existence with a bang. I’ve watched Roselle leave to open her own CA clinic, Whitney move up to Sacramento and I’ve gotten to work on an amazing team of committed, caring punks who are really good at how and what they do. I’ve also gotten the chance to become deeply involved in POCA, the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture ( working with the Clinic Success circle, teaching at POCAfests and mentoring POCAtech students at our very  own  acupuncture school.  I love my job and it has been an excellent, wild ride.  Thank you all for being a part of it.  Thank you for bringing your friends, family, co-workers and, of course, yourself into OAP’s doors.  Thank you for teaching me how to work really hard and how to still manage to play harder.  I appreciate your trust and dedication, your loyalty to our community and being part of our vision to provide lots and lots of simple, effective, affordable acupuncture to tons of people in Oakland and beyond.

 This May, I’ll take my show on the road and head to the midwest where I intend to continue to spread the OAP lineage to Lincoln, Nebraska where I’ll be opening Lincoln Acupuncture Project.  Woo Hoo!!   I’m thrilled that OAP will continue to grow and thrive long after my departure.  Forever, I’ll carry the OAP Family in my heart and soul.  If you’re so inclined, I’d love to gather some testimonials for my new website, which can be emailed to  May we never forget, life’s for living and here’s to the adventure!

 Cheers, Cait       

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