We’re Ready to See New Patients Again.

Like a lot of things right now, our intake process for new patients is a little different. We’ve taken the part where we talk a whole bunch out of the physical clinic. Instead, we are doing short phone appointments before a new patient can come in for some acupuncture. Here’s how it works:

Step One: You, or your lovely friend or family member, can schedule online through our scheduling program (or over the phone is still fine too). Schedule a “New Patient Phone Consultation – 15 min.” at a time when you are available to talk to us by phone. Prepayment by credit card is required for booking. The cost is a flat $45. This includes the cost of both the phone consultation and the first acupuncture treatment inside the clinic. 

Step Two: Before this phone call, fill out the new patient paperwork online. When a New Patient appointment is booked online it sends out a confirmation email to you that includes a link to our online New Patient Paperwork. When we see that this paperwork is filled out, we’ll know you are ready for your phone appointment. 

Step Three: We talk on the phone for about 10 minutes. We review the health history included in the New Patient Paperwork, talk about how the clinic is set up and answer any questions. At the end of the consultation, we can then schedule you to come in for your first treatment with us. Same day appointments are often available.  

Step Four: Come in and get some acupuncture! Yay!

Tell your friends and family that we are ready for them. We appreciate your enthusiastic support.

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