Support and Resources for Long COVID

Support and Resources for Long COVID

Shared with OAP/SAP by a patient dealing with Long COVID in the hopes that other people may be helped by this information.

It really helps to connect with other Long COVID patients. Body Politic Slack Support Group is a great place to do this.  You can connect with other Long Haulers on different threads based on topics such as: relapse, recovery, respiratory, etc. 

Provider List of practitioners supporting Long COVID patients.  A crowd-sourced list taken from the Body Politic Slack group

Integrative Medicine doctor, Long COVID Website with many recommendations.

Notes from her class, which was through Sutter Plus insurance.

Post Exertional Malaise Toolkit: help with pacing activity to avoid a crash or intense fatigue. 

Long COVID Info Website

Suggestions from a Long Hauler: (Sick since 4/2020)

  • Antihistamines have helped my fatigue and brain fog. Pepcid AC and Claritin. 
  • Acupuncture has helped with slowing the nervous system and increasing energy.
  • Supplements like quercetin and luteolin have helped reduce histamine.
  • Low histamine diet helped by GI/gut agitation.
  • Taking 2 Benadryl and 10mg of Melatonin helps with sleep.
  • Physical therapy is helping me build up my body.
  • Reiki and craniosacral therapy have helped me calm my nervous system. 
  • Connecting with another Long Hauler in person helped me with the isolation and fear about the illness. 
  • Finding a caring and knowledgeable doctor has helped jump start my wellness. 
  • I am working on meditation to support calming my nervous system and heart rate.

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