Acupuncturist Bios

Jeff Levin, LAc (he/him)

I came across acupuncture while traveling in Thailand early in 2005. The effects of my treatments were so miraculous and profound that by the time I returned to the United States, I had decided to become an acupuncturist. All these years later, I feel very lucky to be able to offer the benefits of acupuncture to my local Oakland community. When I’m not at work, I’m usually hanging out with my daughter and my son who are both super fun. You might see us smelling flowers in the Morcom Rose Garden. I also enjoy listening to my vinyl collection, sipping my fresh direct trade coffee, and cooking and eating delicious food. I am a simple man with sophisticated tastes. I work in the Grand Ave. clinic Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Sarah Elliott, LAc (she/her)

After completing my BS in Biology at San Diego State University I briefly worked as a cellular biologist, but it didn’t take long for me to realize this was not my calling. Therefore I decided to change paths and pursue my lifelong interest in the healing arts. This deviation brought me back to my hometown, Santa Cruz, where I spent four years studying Chinese Medicine, and I couldn’t be happier with this career decision. I’ve found such fulfillment providing assistance to individuals on their path to wellness, and am continually amazed by the transformations that can occur with the inspiration of just a few little needles.  When I first moved to Oakland, I found OAP as a patient, quickly fell in love with the community feel, and am delighted to be able to give back as a practitioner.  In my spare time you’ll find me tending veggies in the garden, road tripping, goofing around with my kids, and dancing whenever I can.  I work at the Laurel Ave clinic.

Evelyn Williamson, LAc (she/her)

I am an Oakland native, born and raised here. This beautiful, complicated city is part of my heart. I first experienced what acupuncture was capable of as a patient at Oakland Acupuncture Project. Then I read a little more about Chinese Medicine and a little bell went off inside my head, I needed to learn how to do this! So I did. I am so excited that I get to use it here and do something meaningful in a place that means so much to me. I love helping people feel better and I believe that when we feel better we are more likely to move in the world with compassion and patience; more capable of dealing with life’s struggles. You may recognize me from my alternate incarnation as the mud-spattered organic veggie slinger at your favorite farmer’s market, but don’t worry, I won’t try to convince you of the wonders of cauliflower during your treatment (or stick pins in you while you’re shopping for kale). If I’m not at work you will probably find me reading novels or climbing mountains, depending on the weather.

Holly Barnett, LAc. (she/her)

My fascination with acupuncture began in 2014 after receiving my first treatment at Circle Community Acupuncture in San Francisco. I graduated with a Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz and became licensed in 2020. It has always been important to me to provide accessible acupuncture, so it was a dream come true to find this community at OAP in 2021. When I’m not working I like to read fiction, practice yoga, and go for long aimless walks through the Oakland Hills. I work at the Grand Ave clinic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Dawn Sanders, LAc. (she/her)

I grew up with the Chinese side of my family here in the bay area. From their influence, I came to Chinese medicine for the herbal part and ended up staying for the acupuncture. While learning, receiving, and practicing this medicine, I have seen profound shifts in myself and in others. After graduating from ACTCM in San Francisco in 2016, I traveled around the world as a cruise ship acupuncturist. Everyday, I feel so grateful to share my knowledge to create meaningful relationships between practitioner and patient, no matter how brief. When I’m not practicing acupuncture, I enjoy many different creative projects! Ask me what I’ve been working on recently.


Devon Burton, LAc. (they/he)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I came to Oakland with the desire to help others. While working in an administrative position at an acupuncture clinic, I was in awe at how transformative acupuncture could be for physical ailments, emotional imbalances, and spiritual realignment. So I enrolled for grad school in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fast forward – now here I am! I am a Black, Queer, TransNonbinary Licensed Acupuncturist helping others heal themselves. Working in community acupuncture is important to me because I know how magical it is to heal in a group setting. When I saw OAP was hiring, I knew this was where I was meant to be. During the time I am not at work, I am with people I love, in community, or walking my dog, Bo Burton. I work at the Laurel/Dimond clinic.

Emery Caster, LAc. (he/him)

I escaped the endless fields of dirt and cacti of my home town, Palm Desert CA, to study Sociology in the Rose City, Portland Oregon. My quest to reach the highest levels of Nerdom had me reading books on herbology and world religions throughout undergrad. I felt drawn to exploring natural medicine more and discovered that Chinese Medicine has the longest continuous history of herbalism! After a quick trip around the world, a short stint in a Buddhist monastery, and a whole lotta mango lassi; I ended up in Santa Cruz, CA enrolled in a Doctorate/Master’s program in TCM, and the rest is history. I am a big fan of accessible healthcare and I believe that reducing barriers to good health can only make the world a better place to exist in. When I am not in the clinic, you can catch me reading dreadfully boring books, writing about things no one cares about, and riding my mountain bike much slower than everyone else.I am in the Laurel clinic on Tuesdays and Saturdays, come say hi!

Orly Politi, LAc. (she/her)

Journeying through the complexities of healing as a human has inspired a fondness within me for the spaces between. The subtlety of dancing the line between pain and discomfort, choosing to exist in a space that occupies both light and dark, and finding a rhythmic flow within the surrounding chaos- all have inspired my decision to practice Chinese medicine. I am drawn to the way a needle simultaneously converses with both our physical and energetic bodies, a welcome reminder of how one is inherently affected by the other. Imbued with the intention of re-introducing harmony to both mind and body, I find joy in assisting others traverse their liminal spaces, promoting healing from within. When not in clinic, the redwood forest, jazz, and the rain are some of my happy places. I look forward to connecting with you all here at OAP, Fridays and Sundays, on Grand Ave.