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For your convenience, the following tables show practitioners’ regular weekly schedules at OAP’s Grand and Laurel offices. There may be occasional substitutions due to vacation, illness or other circumstances.  Please call if you have any difficulty making your appointment: 3576 Laurel Ave- 510-842-6350; 440 Santa Clara Ave- 510-999-4627.

440 Santa Clara Ave. Office Hours:

Monday 9am – 2pm :: Jeff 2pm – 7pm :: Lori
Tuesday 9am – 2pm :: Lori 2pm – 7pm :: Jeff
Wednesday 9am – 2pm :: Jen 2pm – 7pm :: Lori
Thursday 9am – 2pm :: Jeff 2pm – 7pm :: Lori
Friday 9am – 2pm :: Lori 2pm – 7pm :: Jen
Saturday 10am – 3pm :: Jen
Sunday 9am – 2pm :: Jen

 3576 Laurel Ave. Office Hours:

Monday 9am – 2pm :: Danielle 2pm – 7pm :: Evelyn
Tuesday 9am – 2pm :: Sarah 2pm – 7pm :: Evelyn
Wednesday 9am – 2pm :: Evelyn 2pm – 7pm :: Sarah
Thursday 9am – 2pm :: Evelyn 2pm – 7pm :: Sarah
Friday 9am – 2pm :: Sarah 2pm – 7pm :: Alice
Saturday 10am – 3pm :: Alice
Sunday 9am – 2pm :: Danielle

Schedule online now

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Welcome Kate Williamson, LAc

Acupuncture found me in 2008 after dealing with chronic pain from injury. I was amazed at how much better I felt after acupuncture sessions. I became obsessed with learning more through study. When the opportunity came to make a career change, I knew I had to go for it. I graduated from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College Berkeley in 2017. I love community acupuncture because I want to live in a society that has accessible and affordable health care for all. I love living in Oakland and am thrilled to be able to offer acupuncture within my local community. When I am not studying Chinese medicine, I also enjoy being outdoors, reading, yoga and spending time with my family.

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