SOAP Book Club! Acupuncture for Curious People

Review by Emery Barter

Acupuncture for Curious People is the self-care guide we need in the modern world. The author, Kaz Wegmuller, takes the reader on a journey from zero to acupuncturist hero with his step-by- step roadmap to non-insertion acupuncture. The author learned first-hand from the famous ‘Dr. Bear’, Iwashina Anryu Sensei, the Japanese master of non-insertion acupuncture. Kaz brings to the table many years as an acupuncturist and martial artist. He skillfully blends the two disciplines into a consent-based and body-aware practice. The clear explanations of Qi, encouragement to find a friend to practice with, and promotion of acupuncture for everybody, descends Chinese Medicine from the ivory tower and into living rooms everywhere. With the current growth of interest in holistic care, making acupuncture accessible to everybody encourages a return to community based medicine. When friends treat friends for minor ailments, our reliance on expensive medical visits diminishes. With Kaz’s guidance, anybody can explore the healing of non-insertion acupuncture to help themselves, as well as their friends and family.

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