Rebeca: Alchemy Massage & Movement Therapy at our Laurel Ave. Clinic

 Alchemy Massage & Movement Therapy’s primary purpose is to assist and guide you into transforming your stress, tension, pain and ailments into a relaxed strength. Rebeca Sánchez has over 18 years as a practicing Massage Therapist, and 13 years as a teacher and therapist of Acu-Yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.
I aim to develop a symbiotic relationship with you, the client, crafting each session to meet the unique needs of every body, mind and spirit. Drawing upon both ancient and modern healing touch traditions, I intuitively meld Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Shiatsu modalities to create a relaxing and harmonious experience.
I delight in guiding people to reunite with their Breathe, and cultivate an awe and gratitude for the lessons our bodies teach us. Rebeca invites you to visit her website for up to date information and details on her sliding scale fees, Low Income Honor Scale and Healing Scholarships.

Please communicate out via text or call to book your session (510) 388-9881 and don’t hesitate to reach out with ANY questions.

Camilla Ballard, Licensed Massage Therapist, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Crystal Therapist

I was born in Brooklyn, NY.  As a young girl I remember my grandmother asking me to rub her knees and when I was done she told me that “ I had healing hands”.  At that time I had no idea what that meant, but it felt good to hear-knowing that it was my touch that helped her to feel better. As an adult I tried many career paths, but never felt fulfilled. After working for more than fifteen years in medical administration, I began to feel boxed in and stifled. I remember giving friends/coworkers short massages just for fun, and hearing over and over again how good they felt afterwards. As a result, I decided to pursue the career path to become a Certified Massage Therapist and have never looked back!
I graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 2018, and have taken a plethora of continuing education courses and hands on training in the healing arts. I am passionate about the work that I do! I tailor each massage to meet my clients needs integrating a variety of massage techniques and modalities.  I am proficient in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Hot Stone,  and Tandem Massage just to name a few. After experiencing an incredible loss I became drawn to Crystal Healing.  I am currently planning on traveling abroad in 2023 to become a certified crystal healer.  I consider myself a lifelong learner. I am so grateful that the Divine bestowed me with this beautiful gift of touch/healing.  My mission is to “heal the world one massage at a time”.
I look forward to meeting with you all; sharing and building a strong community of health/wellness in heart, mind, body and soul.
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Heather LeFevre, Craniosacral at our Grand Ave. Clinic

I completed massage school training at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon in 2020 and immediately began training in CranioSacral techniques with The Upledger Institute, completing the first three core courses. These techniques are helpful for many conditions including migraines, body pain, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, and TMJ disfunction. I am trained in the mouth work protocol, meaning I put on a medical glove and work inside the mouth. I grew up in Texas and pursued a career in advertising. By age 38, I had constant hip and shoulder pain. I went to massage school just for the massages, not sure I would finish. CranioSacral therapy turned things around for me. This light touch manual therapy helped release trapped emotions that were creating restrictions and tensions in my body. I became fascinated with the method and wanted to work with others. I am now a certified bodyworker offering CranioSacral Therapy sessions in on Tuesdays and Saturdays at OAP Grand Ave. in Oakland, California.

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Min Thorne, Massage at our Grand Ave. Clinic

Min Thorne received her Acupressure certification at Berkeley’s Acupressure Institute in 2010. She practices an intuitively guided blend of Tui Na, reflexology and gentle Qi balancing work.  Her style can be applied in an active and energizing way or in a softer and more nurturing session depending on your needs.

Min was originally drawn to the Asian healing arts to counterbalance the long hours and short deadlines of a computer-based career. The deeply restorative effects of the massage and acupuncture she was receiving opened her mind to a new world of possibilities. She now can’t imagine life without it and enthusiastically seeks to share its benefits with any-and-everyone she can.

Book with Min through text 341-400-3772 or email