Testimonial – Nirupama Lal

Oakland Acupuncture ProjectI had always been interested in acupuncture and learned about Community Acupuncture Network online. Through CAN I found Oakland Acupuncture Project. I did not realize on my first visit that my experience would not only make me feel better, but also completely transform my perspective on my health. I am always looking for holistic and less intrusive routes to better health and well being. OAP has reinforced my search, and I am happier, better rested, and healthier having found it. I will always have acupuncture in my life. A word to the wary, but curious: It’s not painful. Any sensation you feel during acupuncture is infinitesimally insignificant compared to the pain or discomfort that you are in right now. But here is what YOU need to do for it to work. You have to make that first appointment. And you have to come back, as regularly as you can, for you to experience feeling better. Take your healing in your own hands!

– Nirupama Lal, a regular convert

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