Jeff and Cait on POCAfest 2012

POCAfest is the annual conference on all things Community Acupuncture- a time to share what’s working well in our clinics, and to learn what we could be doing better.  But the best part is spending time with so many inspired and passionate people who are all working toward the same goal: ensuring that people across the country and around the world have access to affordable acupuncture.  Jeff and Cait share their takes on the conference below.

“Ahh, POCAfest. I never knew earning Continuing Education Units could be so much fun. The first pleasant surprise was that it was located at Marin Headlands, that little shoot of fog infested land hanging out on the ocean side of the golden gate bridge. The next lovely surprise, was that the fog was clear and everyday of the weekend was sunny and sparkling. That made it hard to be sitting inside a classroom all weekend, but luckily we were engaged in topics we were all passionate about: community acupuncture and how to make it better. We learned how to run clinics more efficiently, to reach more patients, to give more effective treatments. Not just from the wise old speakers running each breakout session, but also from the vast stores of wisdom embedded in the experience of each and every attendee. Nobody was arrogant. Everybody’s contribution had relevance to what we do day to day. This type of learning continued into the social hour around the after dinner campfire. What really sweetened the pot was that the food was amazing. In particular, the lunchtime sandwich bars, still haunt my meat filled dreams. At the end of it all, it seems like, for each of us there, our love of what we do was substantiated and enhanced. Already looking forward to next year.” – Jeff

“It was really terrific being at POCA-fest.  The salty sea air, the tasty food, the barrels of local beer and wine and, most importantly, all the amazing people I met who support Community Acupuncture each and every day.  Acupuncturists, patients, multimedia wizards, family members and so much more!  Such an eclectic, talented group of people who believe acupuncture can  and should be both high quality and affordable.  There were great presentations filled with wonderful insights, ideas and techniques focused on how to be better – for you, us, our families, neighborhoods and communities, our cities and small towns. Community Acupuncture is clearly taking off, in this country and in others.  Can’t wait til next year!” – Cait

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