Autumn in Oakland

Early fall is a wonderful time to be alive in Oakland: crisp mornings with warm, breezy, sunny, afternoons; autumn leaves just beginning to vibrate with colors; produce is reaching its apex; while strawberries and summer squash begin to wane, apples and winter squash have begun to wax; fresh tomatoes reach the full expression of their glory for the year; there are the last few precious weekends for picnics and BBQ’s; and no major holidays to compete for our time and attention. It’s a perfect time to hang out in the sun and appreciate living in such a sweet spot in the world.

The flipside to the ease of the autumn is that the common cold season has started. At OAP, we’ve already seen more than a few runny noses and scratchy throats. The best time to get acupuncture is at the first sign of a common cold. This can help you reduce the severity and duration of the cold and, sometimes, avoid getting sick altogether. Just remember: if you’re sick, please make sure that any pillows and blankets you use end up in the cootie bin and not back on the shelf. (Everyone who works here also receives acupuncture here, and we don’t want to get sick either!)

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