Scott on Unemployment

Funemployment. Between jobs. Perma-vacation. Gardening leave. There are dozens of euphemisms about unemployment, but unless one has been extremely lucky and had lots of foresight, being out of work mostly just sucks. It’s hard to keep motivated and to a schedule, and money gets tighter and tighter.

I have had the dubious honor of having been able to observe several people close to me struggle to find work; I’ve also been underemployed myself, which when you’re self-employed is a lot like unemployment, only busier and more expensive. Looking for work is work itself, and if that drags on, one can face all kinds of issues of self-worth, depression, and worry. Not to mention the fact that maintaining one’s health can be frightening in the face of reduced or lost health care benefits.

There is some good news that I can offer: worry and depression are things that can be treated successfully with acupuncture! One of my close friends finds it easier to look for work and deal with the various stresses of a job hunt after I give her a treatment. She’s a recent convert to the idea that acupuncture, especially frequent treatment, can make a huge difference in one’s life.

And for the month of August, OAP is offering a break to the unemployed folks in our community. It’s only $10 a treatment. If it’s your first time, or you’re bringing a friend in, we’ll waive the $15 paperwork fee. So take a little time taking care of yourself! You deserve it.

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