Cait on why she loves POCA



The People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture is doing some really fantastic work and I’m proud to be a volunteer.  As a co-op, POCA stands 1402 members strong, over half of which are patients.  Together we’re building Community Acupuncture clinics across the country just like OAP. More and more people are finding out about the benefits of acupuncture by receiving high quality, low cost treatments.  But we’re still building and we’re still spreading the word- whole stretches of the US remain virtual acupuncture dry zones.  Some POCA patients travel miles and hours to receive help for pain, depression, recovery from surgery or support during chemotherapy, among other reasons.  This saddens me because I see folks become healthier each day here at OAP and I want that for all of us.

We can help by spreading the word – about POCA, about acupuncture or, better yet, by becoming members.  For each 300 new members, POCA can help establish a Community Acupuncture clinic in one of these dry zones.  Every day, I get asked if clinics exist in _______; sometimes I can say yes and often I have to say no. How wonderful would it be for someone who was interested in becoming a punk* in a community acupuncture (CA) clinic if they could study how to do that then create their clinic in their own hometown?  Well, guess what?  POCA’s building a school to train CA punks.  And, guess what?  POCA offers low interest micro loans to folks who want to open CA clinics.

So let’s all give a shout out to POCA – do the Dance, become a member, you’ll be glad you did!

*punk = an affectionate term for a community acupuncturist


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