Welcome Sabrina Salzer, LAc.

I’m a California girl to the heart. I love the sun and any opportunity to travel and be in nature. After graduating from UCSC I did some soul searching while traveling to different parts of the world. With each successive destination and community I met I became aware of the universal need for health and happiness. Holistic health has always been a way of life for me so choosing acupuncture as a career path was a natural next step in my career explorations. As a licensed acupuncturist, being able to contribute to the well-being of my community has been very rewarding for me. Community is very important to me and when I’m not practicing acupuncture, I can be found riding my bike with friends around Lake Merritt, organizing events with good food and good company, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine up in the hills or getting down on the dance floor.  I’m excited to be a new sub at OAP!

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