Help us serve you better!

We work hard at OAP to make sure you get quality acupuncture treatments in a timely manner in our cozy treatments rooms. Here are five ways you can help us do our job even better:

1. Make an appointment: While we do our best to accommodate drop-ins, we prefer everyone to schedule an appointment ahead of time. This ensures our ability to see you in a timely manner and gives us an opportunity to review your case history before your treatment. Most of the time we are flexible. But, when it gets busy, making appointments helps us serve you better.

2. Respect your neighbors: We have tried to create a quiet, serene, and neutral environment at each of our clinics. To avoid disturbing your sleepy neighbor, refrain from making loud noises or wearing strong scents when in the treatment room.

3.Turn off your phone: Please, please turn off your phone. Please.

4. Be gentle with our chairs: Be sure that the locks on the side are set to “unlock” before moving forward. They should be parallel with the floor. Repeated stress on the locking mechanism will cause breakage and we will have to replace the whole chair.

5. Get your nest sorted: Make sure to have your pants and sleeves rolled up and all your required pillows, blankets, and bolsters in place when we come over to treat you. For more tips on how to get snugly nestled in our chairs, check out our blog on how to make your nest the best.

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