Jeff on POCA-fest in Tuscon with Cait

Once or twice a year, community acupuncture clinics nationwide get together to talk shop at a conference called POCAfest. This March we met in Tuscon, Arizona and the weather was pristine. During my Sunday morning run, in just 4 miles, I stumbled across dozens of beautiful outdoor art sculptures. While I didn’t eat as many tacos as I had planned, I learned a ton. And, I always have tons of fun hanging out with my com-padre Cait.

The theme of this POCAfest was resilience. While this theme might lead us to think of the resilience of which our patients are capable (which is tremendous), the tone spoke more to those of us elbow deep in the business of community acupuncture. Setting up, working in, and supporting a community acupuncture clinic, like any small business, is fraught with challenges, stresses, and aggravations and sometimes these obstacles can lead to failures, fractures, and closures.

At OAP, we are committed to being a long term Oakland institution. We all love Oakland and its people. The information we gained about the resilience of clinics nationwide has renewed our commitment to be here for the health and wellbeing of the people of Oakland and their amazing capacity for unbridled awesomeness.

Oakland: we appreciate your patience whenever we go through any changes. Our constant aim is to work ourselves into a place of stability and resilience so that affordable health care continues to be accessible to all.

This is what I learned at POCAfest.

Also, it had been over a year since I’ve been out of town. After missing my connecting flight and getting stuck in Las Vegas for 3 hours, I felt how much I LOVE Oakland and was so happy to be back in town.

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