Cait on Walking and Cycling Around Oakland

The first blog I wrote for OAP was about biking, and it’s a pleasure to revisit the topic during August’s bike/walk in for $10 acupuncture treatments all month. I’ve been a commuter cyclist in the Bay Area for over 10 years now. I remember zooming through the fallen leaves after class with Jeff during our days at acupuncture school.  I remember learning how to navigate, flow with and respect vehicle traffic, and I cherish all the urban adventures I’ve had on my metal horse – checking out new curb side restaurants, eating in parks surrounded by circles and circles of bikes, taking rides with loved ones, running errands through town and being part of bike parties and bike festivals.

Though my partner and I now own a car, I hop on my bike nearly every day because it makes me feel good. Even if I wake up with cranky pants, 1⁄2 mile into my day, I’ve long changed into my happy shorts and I’m ready for work, play and/or relaxation. Much like community acupuncture, biking helps me feel more connected to a bigger part of what’s around me. I can easily stop at merchants to say hello or thank them for the great shirt I bought yesterday or ask how they are, and my chances of running into a familiar face or a friend are much greater. I love that. I also love that biking all these miles is like building my own personal portfolio, if you will, of health and longevity. It’s like banking miles or taking stock in building a reservoir of health for myself as I age. Each mile brings me closer to healthier bones, a stronger heart and limber muscles and ligaments.

Walking has it’s own special place in my heart in that walking slows us down. Walking can be meditative or brisk, walking can simply be getting to a destination, and walking can be that often underrated exercise that brings such richness to our urban soul. When I walk someplace, I can stop and smell the flowers or listen to birds, I can stand under trees and take in the silence and beauty of simply being alive. I really like walking from my home to OAP’s Grand or Laurel location because I can stop at my familiar favorite place for tea and scones, coffee and pastries while picking up flowers or wine, and then I can get poked by one of my beloved colleagues. It’s an all-around win win.

So whether it’s walking or biking you love, or you’d like to try on walking and biking, come on into OAP and relax, feel good, and heal up – you’ll be glad you did.

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