Welcome Alice Massera-deYoung LAc.

I strive to create accessible, dignified, and non-judgmental settings that support patient-centered healthcare.  I hold a Master of Science in TCM from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and dual undergraduate degrees from UC Berkeley.  Before finding Chinese medicine, I contributed to care at Lyon-Martin Health services, an LGBTQI Community Clinic, and Golden Gate OBGYN, both in San Francisco.  While at ACTCM, my social justice background and commitment to integrated health afforded me to provide trauma-informed care to under-resourced communities at GLIDE Memorial Clinic, and ACTCM Community and Auricular Clinics; I continue this work as a volunteer acu-punk at HealthRight360.  As a Bay Area native raised in Parma, Italy, I am fluent in Italian and Spanish, and always love learning new languages as a humbling way of building community

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