Welcome Beth Bouffard LAc.

I have been studying and practicing Chinese medicine for fifteen years and working as an acupuncturist for five years. I began my studies on myself, as I experimented in the kitchen with Chinese medicinal cooking. My appetite for study was stimulated by the philosophy of Chinese medicine and the artistry in the language, theory, and practice of the medicine.

I believe that health means living fully in our bodies and in touch with the cyclical changes of the world around us. Healing is a matter of finding ways to connect with and respond to the messages our body and environment are sending us. When this happens we can fully experience and express our humanity. I aim to support people in connecting to the inherent wisdom of their bodies and Nature so their own natural healing ability and rhythms emerge.

When I’m not practicing acupuncture you might find me in the kitchen creating nourishing meals, hanging out with goats or horses, hiking in the East Bay hills, teaching about Chinese medicine nutrition and cooking, or collaborating with friends to have fun and change the world.

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