Evelyn on Weathering the Shelter-in-Place Order

OAP: What have you been doing that has kept you calm and happy?

Evelyn: Spending LOTS of time with my 10 year old nephew, who I live with. My sister and brother in-law are both still working, so home schooling and generally keeping The Neph company has become my role in the house during the week. While the crash course in 4th grade tutoring has had its share of trials, it has also been very grounding and has given me a place to focus my energy. We spend a lot of time hanging out in the backyard talking about birds, bugs and growing things. I felt particularly triumphant the other day after I had explained to him how carrots grow and he was sufficiently impressed to tell me “ huh, I guess you’re right, we can learn something new everyday.”


OAP: Do you have any good shows or movies that you have been watching?

Evelyn: In honor of our weekly tradition of dinner and a show, my friends and I coordinate watching an episode of Ozarks every Sunday night and have a chat about the episode afterwards. Other than that our household has a shared love of The Voice- which we are excited to see is coming back on next week with the live competitions being filmed remotely. While those kinds of shows aren’t usually my thing I am hooked!


OAP: Have you cooked anything tasty lately?

Evelyn: About 7 million different kinds of kale salad. We accidentally ended up with a surplus of it and have been trying to eat our way through the stash. 

We’ve made a joke of asking “so how should we eat our kale tonight?” which really isn’t funny, but after 7 weeks of SIP and so many kale salads along the way, it is the best we can do these days. 


OAP: What do you miss about doing acupuncture in the clinic?

Evelyn: The people, getting updates on their lives and how they are feeling. 

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