Jeff on Weathering the Shelter-in-place Order. Part 2

OAP: What have you been doing that has kept you calm and happy?

Jeff: Gardening. I have a derelict space behind my apartment building, that my neighbor and I reclaimed and turned into a garden. Everything is blooming and sprouting. I take my kids out there so we can sit in the sun and pick wildflowers and search for bugs.


OAP: Do you have any good shows or movies that you have been watching?

Jeff: My wife and I have been re-watching the show 30 Rock after the kids go to bed. We’re in season 6. It holds up. With our kids we’ve been watching old movies from our childhood: right now we’re on Back to the Future 2. Great Scott!


OAP: Have you cooked anything tasty lately?

Jeff: Blueberry Apple Pie.


OAP: What do you miss about doing acupuncture in the clinic?


Jeff: Mostly the people. I also miss getting a sweet treat at the Wild Rabbit Bakery around the corner from the clinic on Thursday mornings.


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