Kelsey: Going From Type A to Type Zzzz…

I don’t know about you, but I have been trying to hold all the pieces of my life in place with the fiercest grip and gritted teeth, and this emotional stress has definitely been resulting in physical painful manifestations- neck, shoulder, and jaw pain with some very boring insomnia. The truth is in a year that is forever trying to teach me to be flexible, I’ve really been resistant to change. So when it comes to taking care of myself I continue to think “oh yeah I’ll do that soon, right after I get this next task done.” Just to let you know that next task turns into the next and then the next thing I know it’s months of avoiding taking care of myself. Something that would be less than 1 hour of my day, something there is definitely time for I continuously schedule on the forever mythical one day. Well, honestly I stole this idea from Jeff. He came in for a treatment and then I remembered I can do that too! And can I say it feels really good just to have someone listen if even for a minute or two and go “yeah I hear yah, lets get you feeling better.” It feels good to physically let go. The first few minutes I tried to do my usual of mentally mapping out my to do list, but then as I drifted more into acu-nap land I just let go of everything I thought was important and all the distractions I keep myself busy with and finally felt safe being here and now.

Schedule now for an overdue acu-nap.

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