How to Pay for Your Treatment: The New Old Way

The envelopes and payment slips have returned! 

You’ll notice at each clinic our payment stations have returned, but there are a few enhancements this time around.  We have made the system slightly easier for you. You can pay for a single appointment or for easy cards by using the envelopes and payment slips. For those who have been with us for many years you will notice there is no sheet to sign up for a new easy card, the payment slips are comprehensive enough to cover all your payment needs. Once you have filled out the payment slip and put the money and slip into the envelope, you simply drop it in the deposit box. We do have a container for clean pens and dirty pens, so make sure to focus and use the clean pens and then place the clean pen into the dirty pen cup. We also suggest using hand sanitizer before and after making payments, even though we now understand covid is not typically spread through surfaces we still want to remain vigilant and keep everyone safe and healthy.

 Please fill out a payment slip with: 

  • Your Name
  • Date
  • How much you are paying
  • Then tell us what you are paying for; just today’s treatment or for an easy card
  • If you are buying a 5 or 10 session easy card also let us know if you want that day’s appointment to be used on the new easy card

Things you can do to help us:

  • Don’t fold your bills, the envelopes are the size of dollar bills. They fit perfectly into the envelope
  • Checks do not need an envelope. You can fill them out and put the details in the Memo
  • Fill out the payment slip completely and legibly
  • DON’T write on the envelopes. All of the information goes on the payment slips
  • Have questions? There is a sign for that! If you have any questions about easy cards or payments, check the area near the payment station for flyers. We include a lot of information in flyers to help the self guided payment system go quicker
  • Need change? Sorry, we don’t keep any change in the clinic for safety reasons. Thank you so much for arriving with the exact amount you want to use for your acupuncture treatment.

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