Holly: Farewell to the Laurel Clinic; Hello to the Grand Clinic

To my Laurel community –

After two eventful years working part time at both OAP locations, I will be moving to our Grand clinic as a full time acupuncturist in the new year. I am so grateful to have been able to practice acupuncture safely during these uncertain times, and to work with some of the best colleagues, Evelyn and Sarah, at our first location, the Laurel clinic, open since 2008. It has meant so much to me to witness your progress and resilience managing chronic pain, healing from surgeries, having babies, going through life transitions, all while making time for self care. You may still see me getting a treatment in a recliner near you at the Laurel clinic. In the meantime, come see me at our beautiful Grand location. I will be working there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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