OAP is Seeking a New Acupuncturist

Oakland Acupuncture Project is currently looking to add a new part time acupuncturist to its roster at our busy clinics.  We are ready to train immediately and hire someone new as of the beginning of September 2023. We are looking for someone who wants to pursue a career in community acupuncture specifically and subscribes to a value system built on making a positive impact with acupuncture on the local community. The shifts we are looking to cover are Tuesday evening, and  Saturday morning. Average hourly pay rate currently ranges between $30 – $40/hour depending on patient volume. Historically (pre-pandemic), the average hourly for these shifts has been much higher. We conduct regular performance reviews with ongoing opportunities for pay increases.

There are benefits available to committed long-term employees in good standing: Comprehensive CEU Program free to regular employees, paid license renewal fees, malpractice insurance, and paid time off..

Our two busy successful clinics in Oakland have been operating for over 15 years. We are open 7 days a week. We have a third clinic in Sacramento which opened in 2015.

Who Are You?

  • You love being very busy, and you are truly excited to treat six patients an hour.
  • You have a clean and valid California acupuncture license.
  • You communicate calmly, clearly, and concisely, with patients and co-workers.
  • You have an attention to detail, clean up, help out, and are aware of your surroundings.
  • You have healthy boundaries and know when to say ‘no’ to difficult patients.
  • You look for and implement solutions, rather than complain.
  • You can simultaneously see patients, deal with scheduling, patient communication, and administrative tasks all at the same time.
  • You are able to work efficiently and autonomously, while also communicating clearly with co-workers for seamless transitions.
  • You love community acupuncture and can tell us why.
  • You are comfortable with a diverse community and are body positive.
  • You have read, or have some familiarity with, the books “Acupuncture is like Noodles” and “Fractal: About Community Acupuncture.”

Who Are We?

  • We provide an opportunity to see many diverse patients while working in a fun and supportive environment. 
  • While we value experienced punks, we are happy to train new practitioners and recent licensees. 
  • We start all our punks at a base hourly of $16/hour with a commission bonus of $7.50 per patient over 8 in a given shift. All of our shifts are generally 5 hours seeing up to 6 patients an hour. 
  • We do not emphasize any specific style or method beyond doing what you think is really awesome acupuncture, but not making a big deal about it. 
  • We expect our punks, after training and shadowing, to navigate our online scheduling, online chart noting, collaborative online workspace, and invisible receptionist. 
  • We have a very low tolerance for shenanigans, but enthusiastically support diligent work with as many benefits as we can possibly afford. 
  • We aspire to embody the principles of fairness, forthrightness, and transparency in all our employment practices.
  • Learn more about our story and how we work on this video (POCA membership required to view).

In this job, you will be responsible and accountable for:

  • Treating patients in recliners in a fast paced community setting
  • Greeting patients and establishing rapport within the first 5 minutes in a kind welcoming manner
  • Diagnosing and devising treatment plans based on a quick review of patient paperwork and short conversations with patients
  • Completing up to 5-6 treatments/hour 
  • Completing follow up treatments in 10 minutes or less
  • Completing new patient/initial treatments in 20 minutes or less
  • Remaining aware of community treatment room and its shifting priorities, while staying as fully present with one’s current patient as possible
  • Providing patients with a wake up call at their designated time
  • Being welcoming and respectful to all kinds of people
  • Maintaining a high level of confidentiality of all clinic matters
  • Knowledge and maintenance of our current covid protocols 
  • Assuring all needles are accounted for and disposed of in the appropriate sharps container.

How to Apply

If you’re interested, please email Jeff a cover letter and an up-to-date, one page resume with your license number to soap.jeff.levin@gmail.com Include your acupuncture training/experience and non-acupuncture work history, especially if it includes any food service experience. 

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