Welcome Emery Caster, LAc.

I escaped the endless fields of dirt and cacti of my home town, Palm Desert CA, to study Sociology in the Rose City, Portland Oregon. My quest to reach the highest levels of Nerdom had me reading books on herbology and world religions throughout undergrad. I felt drawn to exploring natural medicine more and discovered that Chinese Medicine has the longest continuous history of herbalism! After a quick trip around the world, a short stint in a Buddhist monastery, and a whole lotta mango lassi; I ended up in Santa Cruz, CA enrolled in a Doctorate/Master’s program in TCM, and the rest is history. I am a big fan of accessible healthcare and I believe that reducing barriers to good health can only make the world a better place to exist in.

When I am not in the clinic, you can catch me reading dreadfully boring books, writing about things no one cares about, and riding my mountain bike much slower than everyone else.

I am in the Laurel clinic on Tuesdays and Saturdays; come say hi!


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