Welcome Orly Politi, LAc.

Journeying through the complexities of healing as a human has inspired a fondness within me for the spaces between. The subtlety of dancing the line between pain and discomfort, choosing to exist in a space that occupies both light and dark, and finding a rhythmic flow within the
surrounding chaos- all have inspired my decision to practice Chinese medicine. I am drawn to the way a needle simultaneously converses with both our physical and energetic bodies, always a welcome reminder of how one is inherently affected by the other. As a practitioner, I find joy in
assisting others find moments to exist in their liminal spaces, bringing with me the intention of
cultivating balance in order to help the body and mind heal. I am a recent graduate of ACCHS,
in downtown Oakland, freshly home from adventuring in Japan, excited to connect with you all
here at OAP, Fridays and Sundays!

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