Pre-paid Treatment Cards

How to Purchase Prepaid Treatment Cards (Easy Cards)

Prepaid Treatment Cards (Easy Cards) are stored electronically, and you can purchase them using the options outlined below. Once a card is purchased we will add it to your chart and mark you off every time you come in for a visit (you do NOT need to put a note in the payment box each time).  When the card is all used up we will let you know.  Now isn’t that Easy!

Option One: 

Cash or Check. Put cash or check in our payment box along with a payment slip that includes your name, date, what type of card you want to purchase, and if you want to include that day’s visit.

Payment for Easy Card paid by cash or check:

5 card = $100 – $200 sliding scale

10 card = $200 – $400 sliding scale 

Option Two: 

Credit Card payment via Schedulicity. You must have a valid credit card saved to your schedulicity profile to use this option (see FAQ below for instructions on adding a credit card to your account).  Fill out this Online Package Request Form and submit it to us for processing. Once the form has been received we will charge the card saved to your Schedulicity profile for the amount you indicate. 

Payment for Easy Card paid by Credit Card:

5 card = $105 – $200 sliding scale

10 card = $210 – $400 sliding scale

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I save a credit card to my Schedulicity profile?

From a Web Browser:

  • Log into your schedulicity account (add in link to schitty log in page)
  • Click the 3 lines in the upper left hand corner and then select “My Preferences”
  • Next to Oakland Acupuncture Project select “+ Add a Card”
  • Enter all relevant information and then select “save”
  • You should now see the last 4 digits of your card listed next to OAP’s name

From a Phone App:

  • Open the schedulicity app 
  • Click on “account” in the bottom right corner
  • Select “Business Preferences” and then “Oakland Acupuncture Project”
  • Select “+ Add a Card”
  • Enter all relevant information and then select “save”
  • You should now see the last 4 digits of your card listed under OAP when in business preferences.

Do I have to have a credit card saved to my Schedulicity profile for credit card purchase?

Yes, you absolutely do. We will not be able to process your purchase if you have not already saved a card to your profile. If you are worried about security, the card is stored with encrypted software. Once it is entered no one on our end can see your card details. Schedulicity works with a secure payment platform just like other online payment systems used by yoga studios and restaurants. 

How long will it take for my treatment credits to show up in my file?

Payment processing will happen one or two times a week, just like it does now. 

How do I use my prepaid treatment card?

Just book follow up appointments as you normally would.  We will automatically keep track of your prepaid card in our charts and let you know when you are running low and need to purchase another card.  You do NOT need to put notes in the payment box about prepaid cards unless you are purchasing one.

Why is the low end price of an easy card higher for credit card payment vs. cash or check?

This is to offset the fees that Schedulicity charges us and the administrative costs of processing those payments.  

Can I still use PayPal to purchase a prepaid treatment card?

We are no longer using Paypal for this purpose, please use this form (link), cash or check instead.

What if I don’t want to use my prepaid card for a visit?

If you are using your POCA membership benefits or are taking advantage of a special, you may not want us to mark off your prepaid card for a particular treatment and that is totally fine.  Just let us know in person or put a note in the payment box.