Back to School Special!

back to school special pencil image

Let acupuncture bring harmony to the back-to-school chaos

School days are back, and while that’s good news for some, it means a lot of hard work for others! That’s why we’re offering $10 return visits for students, teachers, and school workers this month. If you are a First Time Patient, we’ll waive your $15 Initial Paperwork Fee. After that, you can take advantage of the $10 Back to School Special for your follow-up visits throughout the rest of the month.

Are your children having a tough time in school? Consider bringing them in with you for acupuncture. School is stressful for many kids, and acupuncture is great for stress relief! Many studies show that acupuncture is also helpful in reducing the core symptoms of conditions such as ADHD and ADD, and it can be beneficial for other common childhood conditions such as asthma and eczema too. While we treat children of all ages, those older than 6 tend to do much better in a community setting.

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