Welcome Sage Staggs LAc.

I spent my formative years in the Bay Area; hiking the golden hills, walking between redwood trees, and swimming in the ocean. I then lived in Portland for several years and worked in a cooperative grocery store, studied bodywork, and learned about plant medicine. There I discovered community acupuncture and found relief from chronic pain and stress, which motivated me to study Chinese medicine. After several years in the Northwest, the sun and my family called me back to the East Bay, where I am happy to be at home now. I believe acupuncture can help people access their body’s innate healing ability, which can effect the most powerful transformation. My passion is to contribute to the empowerment and healing of individuals so that they can spread healing and vitality out into their communities. For fun I like to hike in Tilden park, cook all the dishes I never learned about growing up as a vegetarian, visit the ocean as much as possible, and snuggle with my partner and our orange tuxedo tabby cat.

You can find me at OAP Grand or Laurel, filling in when other practitioners are away.

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