Jeff on Working During the Holidays

On one year or another, I’ve worked every holiday. My favorite, by far, has been Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day at OAP. I’m stoked that, this year, it’s exactly where I’ll be on those days.

Like many people, I find most of the lead up to Christmas to be unnecessarily stressful and bewildering. I’m only too happy to work on Christmas Eve; I love hiding out in the serenity of our Grand Ave. clinic, taking a break from the world and family to hang out with people seeking the same solace. Just like last year, Whitney will be hanging out too, holding down the fort at the Laurel Ave. clinic.

New Year’s Day 2014 was the first time I’d ever worked that day and it was the first New Year’s Day OAP had ever been open. We had decided to do it just to see what would happen, thinking that it would probably be pretty quiet since people don’t usually do much on New Year’s Day. It wasn’t quiet at all. It was totally packed. The day was fully booked when I walked in the door. There were so many drop-ins that I ran out of chairs, had scheduled patients waiting for an open chair in the waiting room, and had to start turning drop-ins away for the first time ever. I realized that people don’t do much on New Year’s Day because there’s not much to do. Other holidays have a prescribed activity: BBQ on July 4th, egg hunts on Easter, 4 glasses of wine at Passover Seder, presents on Christmas, etc. But New Year’s Day, there’s no mandated activity. Maybe you’re nursing a hangover if you have one, or just plain chilling out having brunch. Acupuncture is a great way to enhance both of those activities. I’m excited that Cait is going to be joining me in working on New Year’s Day at our Laurel Ave. clinic. We’ll help you with your hangover or you can chill out in one of our chairs. Brunch is up to you. Book your appointment with us now, before we run out of space again.

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