Molly on Opening Our New Clinic in Sacramento

It’s with great pocafestRI9excitement that the folks at OAP announce our newest location for affordable community acupuncture, Sacramento Acupuncture Project! SAP- or as we affectionately refer to it, S(O)AP- will be cleaned up and ready for business on October 12th, 2015. I am the lucky acupunk who will head up to Sacramento to open our doors and start poking people.
Did you know that currently there are no POCA ( community acupuncture clinics operating in Sacramento?  Back when I used to work at a POCA clinic in Chico, CA, there were patients driving from Sacramento to see us for affordable acupuncture– nearly 2 hours, each way. It’s jaw-dropping to realize the lengths people will go for affordable care, which was a big factor in why we chose Sacramento for the newest clinic in the OAP family.
I will miss all of my patients in Oakland! Thank you for welcoming me into the OAP community, for teaching me so much, and for trusting me with all those tiny pins. I’ll be passing the Laurel Tuesday-through-Friday torch to Sarah Elliott, who currently works at the Grand office and is excited to join Cait and Whitney at Laurel Ave. Sarah is lovely and amazing, and I can’t imagine a finer acupuncturist taking over. My last day at the Laurel Ave. office will be Wednesday, October 7th.
It’s been great fun finding a suitable clinic space and readying to launch the space for business. 3051 Fulton Avenue is a former hair and nail salon, which turns out to be a nearly ideal (open) setup for a community acupuncture clinic! Last weekend, Jeff brought his power drill to the space, and we’ve now got sharps containers (where used needles are disposed of) and stable shelving units stationed throughout our rooms, where 11 chairs will soon be reclining. And did you know that Whitney loves to shop?? Though it’s safe to say she probably doesn’t want to step foot into Ikea again, possibly ever. It is amazing how many small details and hard work go into getting a new community clinic off the ground. We’ve all sustained minor injuries setting up clinic spaces in the past. This time luckily the only casualty was one thumb (Molly’s) accidentally kicked by one foot (Jeff’s) during Ikea shelf assembly!
If you have friends and family who live in the greater Sacramento area, please feel free to refer them to SAP for affordable acupuncture. Your referrals mean the world to us as we build a brand new clinic community in the Central Valley.
See you there on October 12th!


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