Welcome Elena!

Elena will start working permanent shifts at our Grand Ave. clinic starting Friday, October 9th. We’re really stoked to have her be a part of the OAP team!


Elena Herschberger, LAc

Out of the many places I’ve lived around the US, I love living by Lake Merritt the best! I am in constant admiration of the rich community spirit in this area and feel blessed to be a part of it.  I have had an interest in medicine since childhood and have always felt called to care for others. I am truly inspired by the mind-body-spirit connection that is inherent to all forms of traditional healing and strive to bring my patients to an elevated level of wellness with acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle advice. I am a passionate advocate of self care and believe in empowering patients by sharing my knowledge of nutrition, self-diagnostics and massage as a means to a life-time of good health. Apart from practicing acupuncture, I like to hike, rock climb, and swim outdoors. I love food and enjoy cooking and with fresh, locally grown ingredients.

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