Welcome Ray, Our New Acupuncturist

head shot ray.3“The first time I was exposed to acupuncture was while working in administration at a small community health clinic in San Francisco. I remember peeking my head into the community clinic and seeing a room full of people, peacefully resting with tiny needles in their ears, hands and feet. Acupuncture seemed like magic to me at the time. After years of study and practice, Iʼm still amazed by the magic of acupuncture, and Iʼm thrilled to be sharing it at Oakland Acupuncture Project. Public health and social justice are passions of mine, and I see my practice of acupuncture through a socio-political lens: helping individuals feel better is a small but important piece of the larger work of collective healing. Because I believe we are all the experts of our own experience, I approach my work from a harm reductionist, body-positive and gender-inclusive place. These days, when Iʼm not giving acupuncture treatments, Iʼm probably surfing!”

Beginning in January, Ray will be working at our Grand Ave clinic on Sundays 9 am to 2 pm and Mondays 2 to 7 pm

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