Farewell from Kelsey Rumfello, LAc

It has been such an absolute pleasure to spend the last few years practicing at OAP.  With a mixture of joy and sadness I announce my departure. 

Leaving the OAP community is one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in life. I definitely don’t take it for granted how much I enjoy coming to “work.” Seriously, how many people thoroughly enjoy their jobs, coworkers, and patients. It is a clear sign that your job is wonderful when you communicate through Star Trek memes with one of your bosses. I’m really consumed with knowing how lucky I feel to have been in such a great atmosphere.  I was drawn to community acupuncture, because in the bay area where everything is so incredibly expensive it feels great to offer something affordable that makes people feel better.

I knew I wanted to work at OAP when I was in acupuncture school. Jeff was coming in to talk to our class about community acupuncture and as soon as he started talking I knew I wanted to be a part of this community. He was so cool and chill, there wasn’t any ego or pretentiousness. He was just a real dude talking about how cool it was to help people. The language and the vibe appealed to me. I went up to him after and told him I wanted to work at Oap. yadda yadda yadda here we are and 5 years later there I go.

My spouse and I have decided to move to the east coast to be closer to our family. While I’m not exactly stoked on learning to drive in the snow and deal with a New England winter,

 I am incredibly thrilled for this next chapter of our lives. Being closer to parents, siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews really sparks joy for me. I’m excited to finally be able to be a bigger part in their lives instead of seeing family once a year.  Our niece and nephew are just the absolute perfect age for us to start spending more time with and if you’ve ever talked to me about kiddos I have probably brought them up. One of my favorite bits is how my niece is two and can’t say “Kelsey” so she calls me “car seat.” I mean come on who doesn’t want to be around that kind of hilarious adorableness.

I’m also very excited about our cross country road trip! We are spending two months driving and camping across the US. We have an America the Beautiful Pass and are excited to see as many National Parks as possible. So far, we have reservations booked at different hot springs throughout Oregon and Idaho and campsites at the Grand Tetons NP, and Zion NP! If you’ve ever done a cross country camping trip and have some cool places you want to share I would love to hear about them!! I’ll be seeing patients until May 31st, so please come in and share with me your favorite diners, hikes to waterfalls, and roadside oddities.

Thank you so much to all of you who have been a part of my life and let me be a part of yours.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the clinic and in the bay area.

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