Jeff on Walking to Our Grand Ave. Clinic

It’s amazing living in a city like Oakland where so many neighborhoods are walk-able and bike-able. I feel really lucky to live in the same neighborhood as our Grand Ave. clinic so that I can walk to and from work almost every day. There’s so much to do on foot from the Grand Ave. clinic location: whether I need to run a quick errand at ACE, pick up a nice bottle of wine from Ordinaire, or just leisurely meander home through the Morcom Rose Garden, it’s all an easy stroll from OAP Grand.

I do have a car. I use it mostly to pick up my daughter from school and to buy groceries from Trader Joe’s. It takes me about 3 months to go through a tank of gas. I don’t like driving. I grew up in L.A. and spent much of my youth stuck in traffic on the 405. I’d much rather be outside, rain or shine. It’s why I love living here so much.

If you’re able, I invite you to choose the option of walking or biking to OAP this August. If you’re a follow up patient, we’ll discount your treatment to $10. If you’re new to OAP, we will waive your $15 paperwork fee.

Feel the breeze, then feel at ease.

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